Ten Common Birds Of The GTA

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All ten of the birds I chose have predators that they need to watch out for... Lets take a closer look:

For examplethe Cedar Waxwing needs to look out for: Merlin Hawks, Coopers Hawks, Common Grackles, and they even need to watch out for Bullfrogs when they go take adrink in certain ponds. Ouch!

Here is a picture of a Merlin Hawk on the left, and a Coopers Hawk on the Right:

Here is the BullFrog:


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Blue Jays need to keep an eye out for this awesome Predator: The Long Eared owl! CHECK OUT THOSE EYES!!!!!


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The American Robin is also a victim of Hawks in the area like the Red Tailed Hawk. And even your house cat will snack on the Robins too!!

I wouldnt want this thing chasing me (Red Tailed Hawk)

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The Northern Cardinal is a victim to domestic cats, and dogs, and even this crazy looking owl The Screeching owl..

That sure is one scary bird...

Screeching owls are named for their piercing calls...if you hear it...run :)



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