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I never really quite noticed how much of a bird lover I actually was until visiting Toronto Island with a good friend of mine this past summer. It was at this beautiful place where I had the opportunity to feed a spectacular mallard duck! He wasn’t alone either; he had his female companion with him also - she was very social and pleasant. It never occurred to me how rewarding it was to actually interact with these stunning birds, I instantly became attached and I have been interested ever since! Even the simple fairy ride that we had to take to the island was beautiful, it made me feel connected with all of my surroundings and I became attached to the geography of our world, and every living species that shares it with us.Below you can see some photos of my Trip that I took on my phone.





*The Large white bird you see in the top right is actually a swan! I was blown away at how large this bird was - It looked like I could hop on its back and it would fly away with me on it - truly unbelievable!* 

I enjoy learning about our natural environment, and all its surrounding wildlife. I would have to thank BBC Planet earth for introducing me to the extraordinary complex nature of our world – that show has fascinated me and has taken my breath away on many occasions. David Attenborough does a tremendous job of narrating this amazing documentary. I have also noticed that some newer representations of the show were in fact narrated by Sigourney Weaver. The female star from the sci-fi hit Aliens does in fact do a great job, but it’s almost impossible to surpass Sir David Attenborough. Below you can see a picture of my narrating hero, and also a video clip that was presented in class.


"Tilly" the Golden Eagle with Sir David Attenborough filming "The Life of Brids" 1999. 

When this video was presented in my environmental studies class, I was amazed that someone else actually discovered this gem. Turns out, I’ve had this exact same video bookmarked for quite some time! This amazing Lyre bird is best known for being one of Australia’s native birds. They are most notable for their superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment. Kind of like the Northern Mockingbird. They are also recognized for their remarkable and unique tail feathers. This bird has to be one of my all time favorites, and I would love to get up and close to it just like Mr Attenborough some day.

So, it’s clear that I am a nature lover, I enjoy watching wildlife documentaries, and I am a bird enthusiast.  Or you may call me a “Bird Nerd”, the nickname my friends have recently given me.

My other interests would include reptiles and amphibians – I am the proud owner of two male inland Bearded Dragons. They both have appropriate names: Anger (for his wild and tempered personality), and Sanchez (for his temperature changing yellowish colors). Ever since I was a child I had a wild fascination with lizards, I started with the common green iguana, and eventually got my beardies!

Below is a picture of a very angry Male Central Bearded Dragon! My Inland Bearded Dragons are very similar, just not as aggressive as they are captive. This is a very impressive warning that this Beardy wants to be left alone - and they will bite you after they warned you! 

My other interests would include Geography and Geoinformatics, this is an area of study I have been studying at York University. Its true when they say that some day you will just fall into what you were meant to do, and after taking 2 courses at York University in these related fields (Environmental Studies, and Geography), I just knew that I had finally found my passion in life. I have always been interested in working with my community, and I am planning for my future line of work with Environment Canada, or making a difference and maintaining a healthy globe.  When I am not reading about the world we live in, I am taking my spare time and using it wisely at York Universities Tait Mackenzie Center. For the past 2 years I have found yet another passion in personal fitness. I am devoted to the time spent in the fitness center and I put forth a great effort 5 times a week. I find this is a great way to clear my mind, and get myself into great shape. I found a routine I love, and it was inspired by one of my all time heroes, "The Dragon" Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee is always referred to as the greatest martial artist who ever lived - and this is true, but not many people know the side of Bruce Lee who completed a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy! It is often said that the pen is mightier than the sword - but combine the two, and you have limitless power.

This link of my web page was entitled “About me”, and i would like to try and give my readers a good idea of myself in the most creative way. So, I have found a video (with the help of my sister) that incorporates a wild bird that has a great personality, and a good song that we can all enjoy. I am Dom, and if I was a bird, I would definitely be the Cockatoo in the video below! Enjoy  

"Dom the Nature Freak." DeRango, Domenic. Personal photo. 11 July 2009.
"Dom the Bud Pose". DeRango,Domenic. Personal photos. 07 April 2006
"Toronto Skyline." DeRango, Domenic. Personal photo. 18 July 2009.
"Huge Swan." DeRango, Domenic. Personal photo. 18 July 2009.
"Ducks 1." Derango, Domenic. Personal photo. 18 July 2009.
"Ducks 2." Derango, Domenic. Personal photo. 18 July 2009.
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